My Skips : Connected skips

Manage the fill level of your skips to optimise their scheduling and locate them in real time


Complexity of obtaining to organise the scheduling of human and material resources

Unreliable fill rates at waste collection centres and random triggering of compaction requests

Pressure from local authorities and users on operators to manage waste collection centres in a more environmentally-friendly way

Need for traceability in waste reprocessing and recovery

The benefits of our solution

– 5%

GHG emissions linked to waste management

+ 25%

The turnover rate for skips

+ 100%

Better operational planning

How does the solution work?

New indicators for monitoring the recycling processo

Tipper detection on truck / on ground
Filling alert
Waste type bin association
Empty detection

Outdoor geolocation

At dockside / off dockside / on the move

Immobilisation alert and geofencing

Zone entry/exit

They place their trust in us