Edge AI Low Power ®

FLY4U’s objective is to become an integral part of the entire logistics ecosystem by developing dedicated offerings that enable the raw data collected to be transformed into value-added business information. By combining all of Groupe ZeKat’s technical expertise and structuring its approach, FLY4U is able to identify specific business needs and adapt the technological building blocks to transform field data into understandable, shared information. 

The technological blocks consist in particular of modular and open hardware and software platforms, enabling decision-making tools (AI) to be embedded as close as possible to the data – and an asset management platform. The latter will make it possible to manage the deployment of new services remotely, by creating a digital twin, and to deploy distributed intelligence models to optimise the operation of the gateway. The IoT solution is capable of combining several long-range (5G, LTE-M1/ NB-IoT, satellite IoT) and short-range (BLE, WIFI) communication networks, while guaranteeing secure data transfer..

Our expertise

By processing business data directly inside the box using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, or on a dedicated platform, FLY4U makes it possible to control battery autonomy and transform raw data into valuable information. This solution makes it possible to identify the life phases of industrial equipment in great detail and add value to the data, creating new sources of revenue for customers by making data available for the benefit of their own customers.

How ? 

In order to deploy this solution, the first stage consists of collecting the key points of the use case through business interviews and collecting raw data in the field using a sensor kit that can record a maximum amount of information over several business cycles.

This data is then analysed to identify the best algorithms and AI approaches to use to extract the key information for the use case. After validation in the field, the solution can be rapidly deployed on an industrial scale.

To achieve high levels of performance, IoT objects need to embed as much intelligence as possible as close as possible to the measurement, so that only high-level, high value-added data is transmitted over IoT networks. The Edge AI Low Power ® solution embodies this new principle.

Sensors and interfaces

Understanding of physical principles 

Sensor selection and interface design.

Ultra Low Power optimisation
(hardware and firmware)

Mechatronic prototyping for sensors and
electronic board via CAD and 3D printing

Analysis and interpretation
of measurements

Integration of advanced embedded state algorithms.

Creation and validation of algorithms in response to a specific problem.