My Drums: connected drums

Optimise the collection of your empty or partially empty drums so that you can reallocate residual lengths to another site 



Loss of information on site progress due to a cascade of subcontracting

Lack of information on drum rotation rates and the quantity of stock remaining on sites

Theft and loss of reels, leading to heavy additional costs each year and delays on worksites

The benefits of our solution


Theft and loss of reels


In operating costs


In drum rotation rate

How does the solution work?

Thanks to its innovative Edge AI Low Power ® technology based on on-board Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes, FLY4U has developed a proprietary solution for calculating the residual length of cable on the reel at the end of the worksite, a new key indicator for monitoring worksites in real time. 5 years later, FLY4U has become the European leader in connected cable drums.

MyDrum by fly4u vertical is the starting point for FLY4U, which is deploying this business approach across all its target sectors: understanding the business in collaboration with users, identifying critical functions and technical implementation incorporating this new, highly promising technology in terms of value creation: Edge AI Low Power ®.

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